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Yacht Charter and Boat Rental FAQ


Choosing the right yacht and crew to suit your wants and needs is important to ensure you get the most out of your vacation. The staff at BoatBookIt.com use personal knowledge of each yacht and crew to ensure you have the information you need to make an informed choice.

When you book through Boat Book It, the charter cost stays the same as when you deal directly with the yacht owner. You can be sure that:

  • Our information is up-to-date, unbiased and correct.
  • You have protection of the standard CYBA charter agreement and your deposit is held in an independent and safe escrow account up until a few days prior to your departure.
  • We are here to assist, support and advise you on your best options and/or additional travel products and services. This is a great benefit especially if you are new to chartering to make the most of your experience.
  • Our after-sales support does not end when your charter ends. We can assist in all aspects of your vacation preparation and managing your relationship with your crew.
  • In case of the yacht encountering any problems and is unable to take your charter we will swiftly find you the very best solution or fully refund.

How do I book a yacht and what are the payment terms?

Once you have decided on the perfect yacht for you and the dates of your vacation we place a temporary hold on the yacht for the dates of your choice. This guarantees availability while you make your final decision. A 25% deposit and a signed agreement are required as confirmation. A second 25% deposit is payable six months prior to your charter with the final payment due two months ahead of your charter.

What is the best time of the year to visit the Caribbean?

The best time to visit is from November to August.

What are the terms of cancellation?

Should you cancel your reservation, all payments are forfeited. However you are entitled to a partial refund if the yacht you reserved is re-hired for the same term or a pro-rata refund if hired for part of the same term.

If the captain or owner must cancel the charter due to force majeure no refund will be issued. If you have trip insurance you will be able to claim from your insurer, which we can assist you with.

Taking out travel insurance always proves to be a valuable choice. Naturally we hope that you would not have to make use of it, but situations may arise which are completely out of your control. Boat Book It urges you to insure your trip within 21 days of confirming your reservation. During this time you will be able to benefit from additional coverage only available within this period.

Travel insurance covers cancellation due to extreme weather or acts of God, flight delays, emergency medical expenses, operator financial default, lost baggage and more. Please check each policy's coverage plan.

We recommend Travel Guard's Vacation Protection Plan Deluxe as it is customised for yacht charters.

You may compare insurance coverage to ensure you get the best suited package. We can also recommend the following providers:

Note: In order for us to receive your insurance details please only purchase your insurance using the above links.

Please refer to your charter agreement contract for full terms and conditions.

What are the passport and visa requirements?

The United States Government will require a valid passport to regain entry into the US. Please remember to bring passports for every member of your group.

US Citizens: For information on renewing your US Passport or obtaining your first passport please see the US State Department Passport Website.

British Virgin Islands: US Citizens can enter the British Virgin Islands with a valid passport - no visa required.

Non-US citizens may require a visa to enter the USA and / or British Virgin Islands. For a list of countries that qualify for the US visa waiver program please see the USA Visa Requirements.

For more information on Visa requirements for the British Virgin Islands please see the BVI Entry Requirements.

Many other Caribbean nations require tourist visas, which must be applied for in advance. Please check with us if you are unsure.

Is this experience something that the kids will enjoy?

Kids are hardly ever bored on board. They really enjoy getting into the sailing, and not to even mention snorkelling in the ocean and playing on the beach.

The crew takes great care to ensure the kids enjoy themselves and stay save at all times. However, please note that they cannot take responsibility for over-seeing the welfare of children at all times. Children under fourteen must be under the direct supervision of a parent, nanny or other appointed adult.

How much do I tip the crew?

Tipping is normally 10 - 20% of the charter fee when the service merits it. Your crew (chef, bartender, waiter, tour guide etc.) works hard to ensure your vacation is unforgettable.

They accept gratuities cash, traveller's checks or personal checks. The best way to handle the gratuity is to place the amount into an envelope addressed to the crew and either hand it to the captain or leave it on the saloon table on your departure from the yacht.

I can't seem to find the answer to my question. Who do I contact?

If we have not addressed all of your questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you further.